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  • Career Opportunities
    • Ibis is seeking qualified professionals who demonstrate the essential qualities of the "Whatever It Takes" mentality - a positive attitude and a willingness to go the extra mile.

      Current Part-Time & Full-Time Available Positions:

      • Director of Food & Beverage

      • Catering & Events Coordinator

      • Building Maintenance Technician

      • Licensed Massage Therapists

      • Licensed Nail Technicians 

      • Servers

      • Line Cooks

      • Pizza Cook

      • Pastry Cook

      • Pantry Cook

      • Dishwasher

      • Buffet Attendant

      • A.M. Receiver

      A great place to work!

      "I’m a big believer that happy employees equal happy Members."

      Stephen LoGiudice
      General Manager
      The Club at Ibis

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    • To apply for a position with The Club at Ibis click here

  • Becoming Part of This Team
    • Why Ibis?

      High-performance teams depend on a shared mission, vision, and values to align their personal interests, harness their collective expertise, and focus their individual efforts. They establish clear roles and responsibilities, plus a framework for making decisions and resolving conflicts. Most importantly, they commit to an environment of trust.


      • Platinum Club of America 

      • Distinguished Emerald Club  

      • Community of Excellence Awards for 2012 & 2013

      • Civic Volunteerism & Advocacy Award 2010

      • Recipient of a 2009 Award of Distinction and Seven Distinguished Club Awards from Boardroom Magazine

      Your Voice is Heard

      • Award and recognition programs

      • Employee appreciation events

      • Communication programs

      • Employee incentives

      • Suggestion programs

      • Safety & professional development

      • We go the extra mile for our members not because they expect it, but because dedication to customer service means doing.... Whatever It Takes!

      Ibis Common Purpose

      “Whatever it Takes to Deliver the Ibis Experience”


      I – Integrity
      B – Belonging
      I – Innovation
      S – Shared Vision

      Ibis Service Principles

      1. Foundation of Our Service – They’re not just Members, they’re owners. This is not just a Club, it is an extension of their home.

      2. Member Focus – Our Members are the reason we are here. Their needs and interests are at the center of everything we do.

      3. Three Steps of Service:
          1) Warm and sincere welcome
          2) Anticipate and fulfill the Members’ and guests’ needs
          3) Fond farewell

      4. Operational Excellence – We are committed to excellence in everything we do. We strive to continuously improve our operation in the pursuit of providing a consistently high level of service and value for our Members.

      5. Safety First – We are responsible for creating a safe, secure, and accident-free work environment for our Members, guests, and each other. Employees must comply with company safety policies and report any security or safety risks immediately.

      6. Communication – It is every employee’s responsibility to:
          • Support Ibis objectives
          • Be knowledgeable about Ibis activities
          • Promote Ibis events

      7. Workplace Pride – We drive the culture at Ibis by creating pride and joy in the workplace. Employees have the right and responsibility to be involved in the planning of the work that affects them.

      8. Lateral Service – It is every employee’s responsibility to create an environment of teamwork and lateral service to ensure that the needs of our Members and guests are met. We are working together toward a common goal… Delivering The Ibis ExperienceTM.

      9. Empowerment – If a member or guest has a concern or a special request, we are empowered to do our best to address his/her needs. Employees should stop what they are doing to assist the Member or guest.

      10. Personalized Service – We are all responsible for identifying and recording individual Member preferences. Giving personalized service increases the value of their Ibis ExperienceTM.

      11. Smile – We are on stage:
          • Always maintain positive eye contact
          • Use the proper vocabulary with our Members, their guests, and each other
          • Use phrases like: Good Morning! I’d be happy to! My pleasure! Allow me!

      12. Complete Satisfaction – If a Member complains to an employee, that employee owns the Member’s concern. He/she is expected to see it through to the Member’s satisfaction. Employees should inform a manager and always follow up with the Member to ensure that the problem has been fully resolved.

      13. Cleanliness – Uncompromising levels of cleanliness are the responsibility of each employee. If you see something on the floor, take a moment to pick it up.

      14. Name Recognition – A good club is where employees know the Members’ names. A great club is where the Members know the employees’ names. Always greet Members by name. If you do not know a Member’s name, ask by warmly introducing yourself.

      15. Be an Ambassador – Support Ibis inside and outside of the workplace. Always speak positively and remember to communicate concerns to the appropriate person.

      16. Be an Escort – If a Member or guest asks for directions, escort him/her to the location. It only takes a couple of minutes and creates a lasting, positive impression.

      17. Telephone Etiquette – Always use proper telephone etiquette, even when the call is coming from an Ibis phone line. Answer the phone within three rings and with a smile. Use the Member’s name whenever possible. Remember, you can hear a smile over the phone!

      18. Personal Appearance – Take pride in and care of your personal appearance. Employees are expected to convey a professional image by adhering to the Ibis personal appearance standards.

      19. Protecting the Assets – All employees are responsible for protecting the company’s assets, which include the physical building, fixtures, and equipment. This also includes being responsible for our time and taking pride in our work.

      20. Attitude of Gratitude – Focus on the positive!
          • Lift up one another with words of encouragement.
          • A simple “thank you” goes a long way.
          • Rather than complaining about a problem, think about how you can help.
          • Recognize and appreciate our Members’ patronage.

  • Benefits
    • Full-time eligible employees are offered a highly attractive benefits package including health, dental, disability, life, vision, accident, and tax deferred savings accounts. In addition, a 401(k) retirement plan with a company match, a college savings plan, paid time off, education assistance, and summer golf, fitness, pickle ball & tennis privileges.

      At Ibis, family comes first! Employees enjoy an annual paid employee appreciation day, wellness initiatives including an annual health fair, a Thanksgiving gift card, “Cookies with Santa” family event, and an annual holiday party.

      The Club at Ibis offers its team members a merchandise discount and a complimentary meal program.

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