For those who love natural surroundings and beautiful wildlife, The Club at Ibis is sure to please and enthrall even the most avid enthusiast. Ibis, situated adjacent to the Grassy Waters Preserve, is where residents can catch a glimpse of fascinating creatures such as deer, otters, and even the occasional alligator!

imgFor bird lovers, Ibis is filled with Sandhill Cranes, Blue Herons, Roseate Spoonbills, and our popular Ibis, of course. Many other rare and beautiful species of birds can be found on Ibisís grounds or in the skies. You will have an opportunity to observe them whether from your backyard or while out on the golf course, as they, too, consider Ibis their home.

Our neighbor, Grassy Waters Nature Preserve, has an amazing variety of plants and animals native to Florida. This habitat for protecting nature only enhances the peace and tranquility for which Ibis has become known.

Ibis has something for everyone when it comes to enjoying what Mother Nature has to offer. Few communities can begin to compare to the special "natural" gifts here. The Ibis Wildlife Foundation is dedicated to the rescue, protection, and conservation of Ibisís wildlife and welcomes new volunteer members.