After moving to Ibis and never having picked up a tennis racquet, my husband and I decided to take advantage of Ibis’ premier tennis facility. We excitedly started the Saturday morning beginner clinic where we received amazing tennis instruction, enjoyed a good workout, and had fun!! We were welcomed so openly and found that not only did we like tennis, but we also liked the people who played it and the professionals who taught it!

Since that first day on the courts, we have participated in many other high-energy clinics, drills, and lessons where the patient Pros have taught us so much about swing techniques and doubles' strategy. We are thrilled that we are now both playing in competitive and social matches. The instructors clearly enjoy teaching and their enthusiasm is infectious. Our true love behind the tennis game comes from the professionals at Ibis and how they never gave up on us!

Lisa Byrnes

I had not played tennis since high school. I am 68 and started again at Ibis three years ago. The teaching staff, the events, the whole facility is first class. I am enjoying so much the game and my fellow players that it keeps me young, healthy and motivated.

I encourage anyone who has left tennis to reconsider the game. Ibis tennis is part of a lifestyle. Chuck and his team will make you enjoy the game, whatever your level.

Dave Senecal

My wife and I had been playing golf for a few years before we moved to Ibis. We played mostly on public courses throughout the country and enjoyed the variety these venues gave us. However, once we settled in at Ibis, we became like "kids in a candy store." The professional staff is exceptional and wherever they are will be most gracious in answering your question. The learning center is an area which I think all of us at Ibis are very proud of. The private instruction and group clinics make players feel better about their game and help tweek it. We both eagerly look forward to continuing our golfing experience and enjoying the new friendships we have made at Ibis.

Dick Zodikoff

I have been a member of, and visited, tennis clubs all over the world. I would just like to say that the Tennis program here at Ibis is tops. The facilities, lessons, socials, and all other tennis related planned activities are professionally done and are all inclusive. The pros and staff are very professional and extremely pro-active toward the tennis members. My "Ibis tennis experience" has been wonderful. Kudos to all involved with this area in the club.

David Escott

Back in 2003, we decided, along with another Ibis couple, Skip and Mo Gardner, to explore the possibility of buying second homes in a Florida golf community. We did the research and gathered a lot of information on a number of communities and planned a trip. For the most part, we all had pretty much the same criteria that must be met as far as home prices, golf courses , dining facilities, and all other amenities.

We stayed in the Fort Lauderdale area and worked our way north, visiting many developments. We looked at houses and facilities, we got excited about some developments, and others we simply went in one gate only to make a u-turn and a quick exit. After a few days, we had not found the perfect fit and agreed to one more look at a place a bit out of the way called Ibis. Almost immediately after entering the gate, we seemed to know that Ibis would meet all the criteria. Many years have passed and it seems that with each, the roots grow stronger and Ibis has truly become our home away from home.

Sue and Joel Zanville

In 2006, my husband and I began our search for a permanent home here in Florida. We had both retired from 30 years of employment in Washington, DC, so we found a realtor and starting making the rounds of neighborhoods from Jupiter to West Palm Beach. We were staying with our daughter in Palm Beach Gardens during the house hunt, and she told us that she had many patients from Ibis who all seemed to be friendly and the sort of folks she would expect us to choose as friends. Later that week, we were pleasantly surprised when we found a beautiful new home that we could customize if we moved here. The icing on the cake though, was an article in the local paper that my sister-in-law gave to me the same week that we were house hunting. It described a recent show of residents’ art that had been held at Ibis. She knew that art and cultural events would be of great interest to me and might help us decide where to live. She was correct.

All the time that our home was being built, I thought about getting involved with the arts group, which I did as soon as we moved into our new home. This group has grown over the years and is now the Ibis Cultural Association. It was only an art show in 2006 when we made our decision, but now it schedules activities in 21 different venues and runs more than 40 individual events during the year.

There’s something to interest everyone here at Ibis!

Sandy Uman

Over ten years ago, we moved from Boston to escape the winters and enjoy our retirement. Settling into Ibis, where we knew only one couple, my puzzle was, “What am I going to do with the rest of my life?” Restarting with a new career was neither viable nor attractive. We are not golfers, tennis players or card players.

There was a notice posted asking for members who wanted to get together to develop a member art show. After attending the meeting, I called the Social Director to inquire about starting any activities for those of us who were interested in cultural functions. She suggested my contacting the House Committee. They were not only receptive, they jumped at my suggestion of developing a cultural program. A group of us put together a list of activities and advertised for people to attend a meeting to discuss the possibilities. We developed a survey to uncover the interests, experiences, talents, preferences and dreams for adding cultural activities to our beautiful Ibis surroundings. The survey was placed in every Ibis mailbox.

The response was fantastic. Talents, skills, interests, requests, willingness to participate, and dreams of adding to our lifestyle were all expressed. At the first meeting of the volunteer organizers, lists were made of potential beginnings. We agreed to start small with the intent of finding like-minded people to meet, learn, enjoy, and grow our interests. Large numbers were not the goal, but common interests were. (and still are!)

With ideas and talent, we needed leaders and members who would offer their time and energy to building a multifaceted interest group. The majority of respondents to the survey were interested in music, theater, all forms of the arts, trips off campus and cooking, all of which provided the basic skeleton of our organization.

One person had been an opera singer. We convinced her that she could lead a group of people who wanted to sing for fun. Our thought was that there must be people who had, over their adult lives, played an instrument, or sang in a group. Soon we had The Ibis Singers, who now consist of over 30 singers and the Ibis Musicians, including over 20 instrumentalists. A woman came forward who had directed plays and been a comedienne on Broadway. She is now directing our Ibis Actors’ Workshop. Skilled organizers arranged trips to museums, concerts, theaters, and even The Everglades. Our skilled cooks developed a program, Ibis Cooks, with demonstrations in people’s homes. That expanded like rising dough into The Refined Palate, with fine dining being prepared cooperatively and shared in small groups. A wonderful way to meet new people! A small group of photographers gathered and now represent an organization of over 50 members, with outstanding shows, classes and photo shoots. Our Writer’s Group has both new writers, published writers and those who cherish the camaraderie of like-minded folks. We have Knitting Classes, Knitting for Charity, Volunteer Fairs, Language Classes, a Film Series, followed by thought provoking discussions and much more.

As the calendars flipped their pages over the last 9 years, additional ideas were planted and have grown to include new topics, new members, new events, requests, and most importantly interests. Last season close to 5,000 people attended our series of 19 activity venues, all lead by volunteer members, with the cooperation of the Club staff and the devotion of over 20 Committee Chairpersons.

This current season, a request came to us for a Garden Club. An experienced gardener stepped forward and developed a new group that is planning visits to exotic gardens, demonstrations, as well as tours of the gardens homes within our walls.

The list goes on, as we look forward into the soon to be newly-remodeled Clubhouse, where the Ibis Cultural Association will have its own dedicated room, providing a classroom for painting, lectures, films, meetings space, and plenty of room to grow.

The past has proven that dedication and hard work is a two way street. Those who donate their time and energy receive in return, as much, if not more, than they have given.

The Future of the ICA is Ours! We are thrilled to have achieved and accomplished something that we are very proud of. Come meet us, bring your interests, your ideas, and participate in our growth as well as yours.

Edie Tall, Founder Ibis Cultural Association